About This Blog – Why Now?

For the past few months or so, I’ve been using this blog as the landing page for Truemors, just because I was way too lazy to actually do something with it.

Actually, the truth is, when I set up the profile page for Truemors, I did on a PC using Windows. This meant I really could not be bothered to start blogging properly. However, now that I have a Mac, I can use all sorts of cool applications, like Skitch, MarsEdit and ScribeFire (yes, I know you can use that on Windows too, but I REALLY like it, so thought I would mention it anyway). So, really, I have no excuse not to blog.

A blog should probably have a theme, but I’ll be honest when I say I’m not exactly what that theme is going to be yet. I imagine that with my interests, there should be a fair bit of (centre-left) politics, some overly pretentious drivel about finding myself in my 20’s, and probably a lot of geeky stuff about how cool the Internet is. I should mention at this point that when I’m not Truemoring, I work in London for E-consultancy.com and also occasionally blog over there.

I’m also quite active on Twitter, which I was using as a substitute for blogging. Whilst Twitter makes it easy for anyone to blog, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to express myself in 140 characters, and when you “tweet” about the same thing ten times, the 140 characters caveat becomes rather pointless.

I like experimenting with different social networks and web applications, and whilst there is the risk that this blog could end up being about absolutely nothing, I figure if other people can blog about nothing, so can I. 😉


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