“There Is No Spoon”

The sub-title of this blog is “There is No Spoon.” For those who don’t know what that means, shame on you, you are clearly not geeky enough to be reading this blog. ;

It’s a reference to one of my favourite films of all time, The Matrix. It basically implies to “think outside the box,” but that’s a bit of a cliche. “There is no spoon” is one step beyond that because it means broadening your mind, such that there isn’t even the concept of a box (or in this case, a spoon).

That kind of sets the theme of this blog: basically not accepting what society expects of you, but challenging existing beliefs, realising the truth, and broadening your horizons to make up your own mind.

Anyway, here’s the video, just in case you’ve been living in a cave and haven’t seen The Matrix yet and don’t know what I’m talking about . 🙂


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