Interview with Guy Kawasaki, Launch of

When I’m not blogging or Truemoring, I work for As well as this personal blog, I also have a professional blog, which you should totally check out. I’ve been working there for about a month, so it’s early days.

Anyway, to coincide with the launch of, today I interviewed Guy Kawasaki over on Econsultancy. It was great to have the opportunity to do this, and we got some interesting insights. I particularly enjoyed Guy’s advice to entrepreneurs about valuing a start-up:

These days, each full-time engineer is worth $1 million in pre-money valuation. Each MBA is worth a negative $500,000.”

He also talked about Truemors, and how the site is doing now. Regardless of what you think of Truemors (as a Truemorist, I think it’s great, and I will explain why in another blog post!), the Truemors launch is inspirational because the key lesson is keep going and stay positive, even when people are trying to bring you down. It also provides a great lesson for entrepreneurs: success or failure, what would life be, if you don’t put yourself out there and take some risks?

If you always thought too much about what other people thought, then you would never start anything. So, hats off to Team Truemors: Guy, Will Mayall and Kathryn Henkens.

Today was also the launch of Truemors’ sister site, In the E-consultancy interview, Guy pitched this as:

It’s for the 99.9% of the world who don’t use home-page customisation sites, feed readers, or even collections of bookmarks. We think we can help people read their favorite sites more efficiently and discover new sources of information.”

Looking at the site, it’s beautifully designed, with a consistent, clean layout, and an Apple-esque feel about it. Guy also talked about the site on ValleyZen.

Incidentally, I am one of those people that use personalised home pages such as NetVibes and bookmarks such as There are a few important points here:

The blogosphere is not always right. Guy predicts that like the Truemors launch, there will be some who say the same old clichés. However, the thing is that when you start working in technology or web strategy or internet marketing, you kind of get stuck in a bubble and start taking these web tools for granted. You forget that the rest of the world is not like you! Most people just don’t use personalised home pages or even in their browsing experience, so Alltop makes things easy, uncomplicated and simple.

Secondly, as a NetVibes user, I have to disagree with Guy that Alltop is for 99.9% who don’t use such sites. It’s also for the 0.1% of people like me. If you’re a power user, then your NetVibes page is probably concentrated with about 100+ feeds.

I love the Internet because I’m an information junkie. But even I can’t add all the feeds I would like to, and every day I add a few new feeds to NetVibes.

So, now I have Alltop to do it for me, much better than I can. 🙂 Those people who say that they could do this themselves, well yeah maybe you could, but I doubt you could be bothered or could do it this well!

My favourite part is the Egos section; this is the section that most closely resembles my own NetVibes page, as I read a lot of VC, web strategy and marketing blogs. However, occasionally, when I want to read about shoes or fashion, I usually don’t know where to go, as I don’t visit these sites regularly. In that respect, Alltop is great for discovering new sources whereas personalised aggregators might be more useful for sites that you use on a daily basis.

The Egos part is obviously the controversial part of Alltop. Having a large ego isn’t enough; being on Egos shows that you are significant.

Whether you think being an Ego is a good or bad thing kind of says a lot about your personal psyche. 🙂

For me, anyway, I already have the ego part, I just need to work on the rest. 😉



  1. Drue · February 8, 2008

    Hi Aliya– thanks for mentioning the video interview I did with Guy on As I said there, Alltop is easy to dismiss because it is deceptively simple. But therein lies its power.

    Great blog, or I should say blogs!

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