I made it into Alltop’s Twitterati!

It’s been a busy week in evolutionlondon-land, and I’ve been away for a week, so let’s catch up.

For anyone who hasn’t yet entered Twitterland, the latest of Guy Kawasaki‘s Alltop sites is Twitterati: a collection of feeds from approximately sixty of Twitter’s top Posters Tweeters Twitter-ers.

A while ago, I twittered twitted tweeted (only half-jokingly! 😉 ) that no matter how long it would take (40 years, 50 years …) one of my goals would be to make it into Alltop’s Egos section. (I have the ego, healthy or otherwise already!) Well, I’ve still got a while to go to achieving that, I was rather surprised to find I made it to the Alltop Twitterati! Apparently, you can’t be featured if you ask to be added yourself, so I don’t know who put the request in, but thanks! It’s heartening to know that the total crap unique insights I write about are interesting to someone out there! 🙂

Twitter is great for many things, but the interesting thing about Alltop is that all suggestions for the sites came from Twitter-ers. It’s very democratic, and a highly efficient way of tapping into lead users. Companies could learn from the Alltop story: Twitter is a cheap and convenient way to poll a bunch of well-informed people. Forrester analyst, Jeremiah Owyang, has also used Twitter as a quick polling tool.

The sites you contribute to probably say a lot about you – I contributed to the Design, Religion and Music sections (check the Acknowledgements, if you don’t believe me!). I guess this means I’ve been “kawasakied.” 😉

As an aside, Irshad Manji sent me a personal response, just today, in fact. This warrants a separate blog post in itself, but whilst I’m on the subject of Alltop, I’d like to assure Ms Manji, that I’m not hostile to her writings; in fact, it was me who suggested to Guy that Irshad’s blog be included on the Religion section of Alltop. I am sometimes critical of her position on certain issues, but rest assured, I will address these points directly in a follow-up post.

In other news, I turned 24 last Sunday, and I just bought shoes, in case you’re interested. Since I’m now part of the Twitterati, evidently, someone out there does. 😉

Photo credit: Laughing Squid on Flickr.



  1. Drue · March 6, 2008

    Congratulations on being a thought leader in the Twittering Space!

    The “evolution” of the Twitterati!

  2. evolution · March 6, 2008

    Hi Drue,

    Thanks, although saying that thought leader is a bit of a stretch would be the understatement of the year!

    I’m not a thought leader of anything at all, let alone Twitter! 🙂

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