Monday is Valley Zen Day!

I love Mondays and Valley Zen’s interviews with VC, Tim Draper, are definitely one of the reasons why. If you haven’t checked out Drue Kataoka and Bill Fenwick’s new blog yet, you definitely should.

Drue is a Master Sumi-e artist and her insights into life in Silicon Valley are unique, as she uses her Zen perspective to examine the intersection between art and technology. The interviews with Tim Draper are irreverent and humourous, but also provide some important lessons, not only for entrepreneurship but also for life.

This week’s episode is here, where Tim talks about the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, and we see Drue checking out art in the men’s bathroom. 🙂

The first and second episodes are here, in case you missed them the first time around. I’m really looking forward to next week’s episode, where we see Tim doing a Samurai flip! 😉

You should also check out Drue’s interview with Guy Kawasaki right before the launch of Alltop.

Also, whilst I’m on the subject of Samurai and Alltop, you should check out Guy’s story over on Podtech about the analogy of the old Samurai (Guy) and the young Samurai (Jeremiah Owyang). 😉



  1. Drue · March 3, 2008

    Yes Monday = ValleyZen Video Day 🙂
    We like to offer an energizing, tasty video bite to start off the new work week!!

    Thanks for tuning in! Aliya — you got right to the heart of it.

    We like to make our videos edgy and fun but with substance. I like to go behind-the-scenes, to dig deep, and to talk to Silicon Valley icons in their “natural habitats!”

    Guy is going great guns with Alltop. ValleyZen is featured in the Design category at:

    I see the Samurai theme is catching on 🙂
    Tell Jeremiah I need to see his Samurai sword first 🙂

  2. Pingback: Response of the Kataoka Samurai Sword
  3. Drue · March 4, 2008

    Aliya —
    Check out the Response from the Kataoka Samurai Sword itself!!

  4. Jennifer Jones · March 4, 2008

    Aliya, thanks for the mention of the Jeremiah and Guy samurai fight…appreciate the link for Marketing Voices!

  5. evolution · March 4, 2008

    Drue, I love the new video. You’re definitely the Samurai blogger to look out for!

    Valley Zen really is a breath of fresh air that stands out from the wealth of other tech sites out in the blogosphere.

    Jennifer, the samurai fight really made me laugh! Great job, and a reminder that no-one should take themselves too seriously. 😉

  6. Jennifer Jones · March 6, 2008

    ah yes no one should take themselves too was one fun piece to put together and we plan to do more fun stuff with marketing voices…

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