Alltop has got Muslim news covered!

Yes, it’s true, is the latest category to be added to Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop. Featuring approximately 150-160 Islamic news sites and general bloggery written by Muslims, the site aptly demonstrates that Muslims are a diverse bunch, with a wide spectrum of of views and opinions. In the same vein as the Gallup world polls, it’s the ideal place to go if you find out for yourself what Muslims really think.

Incidentally, Alltop also has a new feature where blogs can be removed according to personal preference, adding an extra layer of customisation. It now has approximately 70 topics, with new categories being added every day.

And yes, the evolution blog is indeed one of many featured. As well as featuring prominent news sites such as Al Jazeera, AIM Islam and IslamCrunch, Muslim.alltop is a great source for new blogs that you didn’t know about. Muslim Lolcats, for example. Or Confessions of a Funky Ghetto Hijaabi, where popular films such as “Harold and Kumar Get the Munchies” get a “Muslim make-over.” (See, some of us even have a sense of humour! 😉 ) Another great resource for Muslim sites is the Islamic Blog Directory (also featured on Muslim.Alltop!)

So, unlike news sources such as the Daily Mail, Muslim.Alltop cuts through the spin and provides a far more reliable window into current Muslim thinking.


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